Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scrubs Comedy TV at it's Best

When I first watched Scrubs I did not really get just how funny this show is. Now I see the light and it is one of my favorite shows.

Why scrubs is brilliant

Scrubs Best Friends

Funniest Moment from Season 6

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JD from hoeno said...

That's really funny that you say that. I may not be a diehard fan but I like the show a lot and remember I had to catch it several times before I grew to like it. I kept getting sucked in a few minutes at a time until I got to know the characters a bit. The janitor won me over.

Lucy from hoeno said...

Frick! JD's been here already! Boy, tell me that doesn't fit in, huh? I love Scrubs. I almost got a tattoo of Dr. Cox but then I couldn't decide which hairdo of his to go with. Close call. I sobered up before I made the decision.

Fitzgerald said...

You guys crack me up. The writing on this show just kills me, they are so smart.

So where were you considering getting the tattoo placed. I hope on your forehead, for maximum comic effect. LOL. But then again you sobered up, which means you lost a great chance to post a picture of your tattoo to your blog.

Lucy (possibly embellishing now) said...

...On my pinky finger. See, the tattoo artist specialized in ''micro tattoos'' and I was assured that it would look like a beauty mark until I brought out the magnifying glass. The downside is that it would've taken in excess of 42 hours because the artist has to hold his breath to do such delicate work and you know, I like scrubs but...not enough for a 42 hour tattoo job. Dig it?