Wednesday, July 23, 2008

File This Under, How Dumb Can You Be?

Can you believe that I sometimes have problems finding material for this blog. But when you consider this story, you have to wonder why.

I mean it is difficult writing comedy, and writing about comedy, and I think the reasons is because the real world is just so much more funny.

Case in point; Misguided Criminal Uses Own Current Account Cheques to Rob Bank.

In what’s set to go down as one of the easiest to solve police cases of all time, a man has been arrested by police in Ocala, Florida, on two counts of bank robbery. The man, now known to be 33 year old Patrick Shane Johnson, was detained on Monday after robbing two Bank of America branches within 6 hours.

However, the comedic twist to this rather ‘ordinary’ story is that he misguidedly wrote the demand notes on cheques from his personal current account, giving the police access to his name, address and financial history in one fell swoop.

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