Friday, July 18, 2008

Leslie Nielsen Dutchtone Commercial

Leslie Nielsen Dutchtone Commercial


Stephen Bess said...

This guy is really funny in his own special way. He's great. :)

Fitzgerald said...

Yes, I love people who have a subtle sense of humor. But the thing about Leslie Nielsen is that he keeps a straight face no mater how ridicules a situation he finds himself in. And that just cracks me up.

I like Bob Newhart for the same reason.

Toronto realtor said...

... and same could be said of Takeshi Kitano, and of Joe Pesci, and a handful of other comics of this stupendous breed. But even for us mortals, the talent's not beyond learning! It's the best thing I enjoy about a piece bien-fait in the film industry: they have the power to show you, very explicitly, what good acting is all about, and have the tools to do this few other forms of media possess. You just gotta be a little more attentive next time you watch a flick :)

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