Tuesday, December 01, 2009

QI -quizically goofy

Oh dear the US might be getting the message - as long as it stays as it is!

From the LA times - full article here

No doubt I am committing some sort of critic's breach of conduct, but I have discovered my new favorite television show, and it isn't even on television. At least not here.

"QI," a comedy quiz show hosted by the redoubtable Stephen Fry (one of three or four living people who can accurately be described as redoubtable) is in its seventh season in Britain. As of yet, Americans must content themselves with watching broken bits via YouTube, though there were recent reports that Fry may be moving to Los Angeles, and one can only hope he'll bring "QI" with him, if only in reruns

Although I have posted before it is definitely worth reviewing and there is so much too choose from

Amazon UK QI

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