Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Apartment: Favourite Comedy Film 29

The Apartment *****


This is the simple tale of a mensch, a decent guy. ..... He's a gentle heart adrift in a sea of anonymity and loneliness. .... His unscrupulous colleagues, sensing his innocent eagerness for approval in the form of company advancement, persuade him to let them use his bachelor apartment as a love nest for their secret trysts. .... When his boss makes a reservation on which Baxter's promotion rides he's as accommodating as usual. But the object of this conquest tries to commit suicide when the affair sours. Even worse, the victim is Miss Kubelik, a woman he knows at work and is fond of. .... C.C. Baxter does prevail at day's end, after being forced to assert himself and say "no" once in awhile, to at last risk making an enemy. And not lose his soul for it. He remains to the end a misunderstood, under-appreciated mensch, and nonetheless happy about that.

A gentle comedy - no swearing - no crassness - just Billy Wilder at his best.

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