Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Favourite Comedy Film 12

The Carry On films were so successful in the UK and such simple fun

Carry On Cowboy ****

The film, a parody of Western films, is set in the fictitious town of Stodge City (a parody of the real-life Dodge City). An outlaw known as The Rumpo Kid (played by Sid James) arrives in town and quickly turns the quiet town into a base for his network of cattle rustlers and thieves, whilst fooling the inept Judge Burke (Kenneth Williams).

In Washington DC, Englishman Marshal P. Knutt (Jim Dale), a "sanitation engineer first class", arrives in America in the hope of revolutionising the American sewage system. He accidentally walks into the office of the Commissioner, thinking it to be the Public Works Department, and is accidentally mistaken for the new US Peace Marshal for Stodge City.

The Rumpo Kid hears of the new Marshal, and tries all he can to kill the Marshal without being caught, including sending out a pack of Indians, led by their Chief Big Heap (Charles Hawtrey) and hanging the Marshal after framing him for cattle rustling. Knutt is saved only by a highly-fictionalised depiction of Annie Oakley (played by Angela Douglas).

Eventually, Knutt runs the Kid out of town, but once Rumpo discovers that Knutt is only a sanitary engineer and not the Peace Marshal he once thought, the Kid swears revenge, returning to Stodge City for a showdown. By hiding beneath the manholes in the main street, Knutt kills off Rumpo's gang, but fails to capture Rumpo, who escapes into the dusk.

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