Saturday, September 12, 2009

Winning Losers

BBC America
Not for the comedically weak of heart, this Britcom shows us how pathetic men really are — and how love only makes them doubly so.

Finally, a show for those of us who think too much. Right now, I'm even thinking too much about thinking too much, which only proves that Peep Show is the perfect show for self-conscious nutjobs.

Peep Show is a British sitcom starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Stylistically, the show is shot from the point of view of the characters, with their thoughts audible as voiceovers.

Peep Show follows the often sexually-frustrated lives of two men in their early thirties, Mark (Mitchell) and Jeremy (Webb). Having met while at the fictional Dartmouth University together, (they occasionally refer to themselves as 'The El Dude Brothers' in reference to their student days) they now share a flat in Apollo House, London Road in Croydon, south London.

British Sitcom Guide voted the show the "Best Returning British Sitcom of 2007". The following year, when the site became "The British Comedy Guide", it was voted the "Comedy of the Year" for 2008. The Guardian newspaper described it as "the best comedy of the decade". Ricky Gervais has been cited as saying "the last thing I got genuinely excited about on British TV was Peep Show, which I thought was the best sitcom since Father Ted".

Peep Show - Series 1-5 - Complete [DVD] [2003]

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