Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hello Possums!

Definitely the best stand-up I have seen

Dame Edna
As Dame Edna, Humphries has written several books and hosted various television shows (on which Humphries has also appeared as himself). In 1979 Dame Edna was the subject of a BBC Arena mockumentary: La Dame aux Gladiolas.

While Humphries freely states that Dame Edna is a character he plays, Dame Edna consistently denies being a fictional character or drag performer, and refers to Humphries as her "entrepreneur" or manager. Indeed, Dame Edna has frequently said that the thought of a man dressing up as a woman for entertainment purposes is repulsive.

Sir Les Patterson
Obese, lecherous and offensive, this farting, belching, nose-picking figure of Rabelaisian excess is an antipodean Falstaff.

Affectionately known as "Sir Les", he has served his country in many roles as:

* Chairman of the Australian Cheese Board
* Minister for the "Yarts" (arts)
* Minister for Sport with special responsibility to keep sports rampantly heterosexual and "blokey"
* Cultural attaché to the Court of St. James's
* Ambassador to the United States

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