Thursday, February 05, 2009

JoCo's Cover of Baby Got Back

This cover of Sir Mix Alot's song Baby Got Back by Johathan Coulton cracks me up.

Jonathan Coulton - Baby Got Back (live)

From his awesome album JoCo Looks Back

JoCo Looks Back
JoCo Looks Back by Jonathan Coulton

Track Listings

1. Code Monkey
2. Ikea
3. I Feel Fantastic
4. Mandelbrot Set
5. Tom Cruise Crazy
6. Shop Vac
7. Chiron Beta Prime
8. I'm Your Moon
9. My Monkey
10. Skullcrusher Mountain
11. I Crush Everything
12. When You Go
13. A Talk With George
14. You Ruined Everything
15. Creepy Doll
16. Mr. Fancy Pants
17. Baby Got Back
18. First of May
19. Re: Your Brains
20. The Future Soon

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