Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who says Ho more?

Who says Ho more

I've had a few deep conversation with friends about the above graph. I think it would be good to see where Santa fits on this graph, but then again, he may not be saying Ho, Ho, Ho, year round. But the fact that he says it three times means he would only need to say it a third as often as the Thundercats.

As for pimps and rappers. I am of the opinion, that rappers probably use the word more often then is indicated. And wannabe pimps coming in a close second, they do have to keep up appearances you know. Real pimps on the other hand, are probably too professional to just be throwing the word around for no good reason, so I think they don't say it as much as is generally believed by the population at large.

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rusty said...

I like it better when they say bitches, the Thundercats never do that, not enough at all!!!