Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Plumbing Tips

I recently had some problems with the plumbing in my house. It is an ongoing thing, thousands of dollars later and I still have to play plumber every now and then.

I started checking out YouTube for some "how to" videos. The one below is kind of funny, but really you know I'm posting this because I like the young ladys plumbers crack.


Grabmale said...

Thats a hilarious How to Video.
But actually I'm really into this whole "Hovtovideo"-stuff. It's easy to understand and repeat.

Sally said...

SO funny! Love it! It brings to mind another plumbing story...My girlfriend is a Ms. Fixit. One day her faucet was leaking and she got to work on it with all kinds of stuff...super glue and I can't remember what all else. It worked, but when her husband got home he told her NEVER to mess with the plumbing again because now when it needs fixing he has to completely redo everything. Nothing to do with a butt crack but still a funny plumbing story, LOL!

Dennis said...

Hehe... Nice one article here. One funny story with plumbing.

Paul said...

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