Sunday, August 31, 2008

Comedy In Lue of Church: Rock Me Sexy Jesus! Sing-A-Long

Again, if you missed church this Sunday. Just try this sing-a-long, laugh at the funny parts (this is a comedy blog you know) and worship at the religious parts (it might be Sunday, unless you are viewing this on another day, in which case I suggest you come back on a Sunday when you don't go to church).

Rock Me Sexy Jesus! Sing-A-Long

* Yes I know, I'm probably going to hell for posting this.


Lucy from Hoeno said...

You know, some people might consider that to be just ever so slightly blasphemous, lol.

Fitzgerald said...

Yes, I know. Many of the comments at YouTube are even funnier then the clip. I think God (who ever she might be) has a sense of humor. And I know that when she wants to laugh, she tunes into my station sometimes.

But I really don't want to offend anyone, so I suggest that if anyone has a problem with this or any of my mindless comedy that they use Google and find something on the net that fits their taste better.

Lucy from hoeno said...

I think Jesus would actually be flattered. ''Did you hear that? They called me ''sexy Jesus''. It was allll worth it.'' (Not a real quote). I thought it was funny, though.