Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh, so now you are a comedian?

I walk into the kitchen, wondering what the wife's plans are for dinner. She is running an errand with her dad. I notice that she has browned some beef and is going to make a chili casserole. You know with the corn chips and cheese on top. All the fixings are there just waiting to be combined and cooked. I notice that she has made a salad and all I need to do is combine and cook everything and dinner will be served.

So after I get every thing put together and ready to eat, I ask my twenty-something daughter who has been sitting in the living room watching TV and glancing back at me every now and then if she wants to eat now. She says yes.

Then I ask, "Why she did not offer to help."

She points out that I always say, "I don't need any help."

To which I reply, "I really did not need your help."

And then she says jokingly (meant to get on my nerves the way only she can do it), "So what are you complaining about."

To which I start up my lecture about being respectful, and then decide it is just better to walk away, remembering that she inherited her sense of humor from me.

I should have said, "Oh, so now you are a comedian?"

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