Sunday, June 22, 2008

RIP - Comedian George Carlin news is reporting that Comedian George Carlin dies in Los Angeles at 71.

May he rest in peace, and thnks for all the laughs.

Seven Words


JD from hoeno said...

The world may've lost a great comedian who was a brilliant thinker or a great thinker who was brilliantly funny. I'm not sure which. I've been putting off doing a post on George, myself. HBO ran a marathon of his specials that I have on the recorder. I haven't collected my quotes from them yet though. Considering his passing, I find myself zoning out while watching him, sitting a bit in awe of his delivery instead of marking down the quotes. He really will be missed. I like your choice of video of him, showing him in a lighthearted routine, before his more curmudgeonly persona surfaced. It's all good...and tits does sound like a nickname! lol


Fitzgerald said...

He will be missed, I hope a new voice like his rises up to challenge us, but it will be a long time before we see someone like him again, if ever.