Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Funny Pictures

scared girl on roller coaster
Her first roller coaster ride.

football players
Don't miss the guy in the background to the left. One arm in a cast, the other...?

Chris Farley's baby?
The question is, was Chris Farley ever a sperm donator?

hockey game priceless
Let's just hope their wives don't like to watch hockey on TV.

scared boy and horse
Something tells me he won't grow up to become a vet.

bad dog
So I can't chew on myself, huh? Fine.


fun at work
Some fun at work.

view from behind the plate
Sometimes the view from behind home plate isn't so great after all. If you're gonna split your pants, make sure your underwear doesn't have holes in it.

last day at work
His last day at work.

don't lose the cat
Looks like the family cat is going overboard.

bridal photo step-mom
Someone must really love his new step-mom.

vanity plate
I'm sure this went over well with the old lady.

class out the ...
Now that's classy.

funny fishing boat
Ouch! Check the whole yard.....

don't forget your sun-screen
After seeing this I bet you'll never forget to wear sun-screen again.

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